Why We Ask For Your Donations

The situation is dire. Kherson is currently at the frontlines of the conflict and is being used as a battleground every day. Only 3 women take care of more than 700 dogs in a ghost city. There are no volunteers left to help, most of them ran away, fleeing the brutality of the Russian army and the horrors of the occupation.

We are a fully legitimate and certified Dog shelter located in Belgium, cooperating with the Dog Shelter Chance located in Kherson to transport dogs from Ukraine into the Benelux. In the last year, we managed to give over 200 dogs a good and loving home full of warmth and happiness for both the dog and the owner. All our dogs are vaccinated and given all the necessary documents before being transported to the Benelux.

However, this has changed since the beginning of the war. Kherson is at a strategically important waypoint of the Russian army and has seen incredibly heavy shelling over the past months. The dog shelter itself was even hit and it was by sheer luck and providence that the explosive didn’t go off. Right now, Kherson is nearly completely cut off from the rest of Ukraine, with the owners having difficulty getting food and medicine for themselves and their animals. This is why, with a heavy heart, they decided to move to another, safer, location in Western Ukraine, closer to the border with Poland. However, relocating 700 dogs isn’t an easy task, and the building of a new shelter is extremely expensive.

This is why they ask for your donations. We already managed to gather nearly half the sum required for the building of a new shelter, but it is still far from enough. The more money we collect, the better they can provide for their dogs and the better the new shelter will be. If the conflict passes, your money will still go to the relocation of the dogs to safe, good, loving households in the Benelux.

The animal shelter Chance, but especially their 700 dogs will be extremely thankful for your help.

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About this Fundraiser

This cause is about supporting and rasing donations for the Chance Animal shelter in the Kherson region.

The Chance animal shelter has more than 700 hungry dogs and cats. Because of the current militairy action, also the Chance shelter is suffering from food shortages and dangerous environmental situations.

Who Will Benefit From This Fundraiser

The donations will go to the Chance Animal Shelter in Kherson.

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