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A Chance For : CATS
About This Paw..

Valery is a wondefull cat. She was found with her siblings.
She is very loving and affectionate towards other, cats and children.
Valery dislikes dogs, and she really loves cuddles.

Would you give Valery a forever home?

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More Details
  • Name: Valery
  • ID: 9484722
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 2018
  • Sterilized: Yes
  • Likes: Cats, Children, Garden
  • Dislikes: Dogs, Traffic,
  • Prefers: Cuddles, Bed, Trips
  • Ideal Fosterhome: Valery would be perfect in a home without dogs,

Say hello to Valery,

Valery was found in a abandoned building. Her mother next to her (deceased). We took all her siblings( 3 brothers and 4 sisters) in our care. Some already got a lovely home. Valery is also waiting for her chance that she deservers.

Would you give Valery this chance? Contact us for more information.

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How can you contact our Chance Shelter?

For information via telephone use:
Tel: +380999696222 (Viber, Telegram) or
Tel: +32484912457 (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp)

For information via Email use:

For information via Facebook messenger use:  or

You can also use the contactform on this page or our website.
You are also welcome to visit us.

How can you donate or help our shelter financially?

You may use the following information and bank details:

For Ukraine:
Kherson organization “Protection of homeless animals “Chance”
карта Приватбанка 4149629352137517

For International:
Account holder: VZW Chance.
IBAN: BE66973427984343
Bank: Argenta Spaarbank (ASPA)
Belgiëlei 49-53
Antwerp, 2018

If you prefer Paypal please use:

How can you foster our beloved paws?

Of course you are welcome to the Chance Shelter in Kherson, Ukraine.

If you are living in another country and want to adopt a dog or cat, depending on your location, we could organize transport. Please contact us first.

If you want to adopt or foster a specific dog or cat, but are not able to have it in your home, you may also contact us.

Of course you can also donate for a specific dog or cat.
We have multiple options to receive funds and donations.

How will the adoption process work from our shelter?

Please download our adoptionform and fill in the details.
Then send the filled in adoptionform to Chance.

  • Download Adoptionform in Dutch language here
  • Download Adoptionform in German language here.

After we received the adoptionform, Chance will contact you.

How will your dog or cat be united with you?

You can come to the Chance Shelter to collect your cat or dog.

If you are from another location or country, please contact us.

We are connected to several transporters and we could deliver your pet to some European countries.



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